Our Story

About SW Group


Our Story

•Since the establishment of the SW Group, the Group’s founder has always believed that best business practice is to  contribute to the society in many ways.

•The story of our Group’s rapid business growth in recent years: our Group started in financial investment and property, then further extended to catering, new retail, motor, luxury, digital technologies, and agriculture, totaling 8 business units.


Our Business Philosophy

•SW Group adheres to a "customer-centric" business philosophy, providing customers with a high-quality lifestyle platform through diversified business segments.

•We are pragmatic and dedicated partner, with a wealth of network  and professional knowledge in Hong Kong and around the world.  This enables us to  understand market changes and cater to consumers’ evolving needs rapidly.

•To our customers, we are honest and reliable industry expert, and supplier underpinned by a core value of business integrity.

•To the public, we stand for quality, convenience, and a superior value for money proposition.

•To our employees, we are a people orientated employer, striving to continually elevate our employees’ core competencies and job satisfaction.


Our Management Team

Professional, Pragmatic, and striving for Excellence

•We are committed to building a high performing, resilient and agile organization, to meet the needs of our rapid business growth.

•Our Management Team is devoted

Practical and Professional

Our Management team stay highly efficient, adaptable, and innovative, and strive to meet the needs of our rapid business growth.

Strict Corporate Governance

Our Company's corporate governance practices are in line with our code of conduct, policies and standards, and fully comply with the laws, regulations and policies of the countries and regions where the Company operates.

Adherence Integrity&Ethics

We strive for continuous improvement of our internal management system and to strictly adhere to the standards of ethics and integrity so as to continuously maintain the Group's reputation and professional standards.

Grow with our Partners

We hold our business partnerships in high regards. We support each other in the process of cooperation, and grow together to develop a long-term cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship.

Employee Development

We emphasize the importance and value of regular training and mentoring sessions to ensure our employees’ ongoing career development.


Protect the natural environment

SW Group pursues the original intention of contributing to the society  of the Group’s founder to conduct the best business practice, and to protect the community and the environment which are the foundation of our long-term success.

Inheriting Traditional Culture

As a responsible and caring company, we inherit traditional Chinese culture, and take care to embrace these values as we grow our business into today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Create a Better Future

We are dedicated to formulate effective business strategies and operation modes to serve our customers and we are honored to serve our customers, safeguard their interests and create a better future for everyone.

Low Carbon Operations

We commit to protect our Earth's future, adhere to low carbon operations, environmental friendly policies, resources reuse and sustainability projects to strive for a better life.